Asset & Court Records Search

Are you an attorney, corporate officer or private investigator looking for comprehensive asset search information on a debtor  or who needs a complete asset search on behalf of your client?

Are you a civil judgment creditor attempting a judgment collection, and require an asset search, bank account search, employment search to enforce your judgment?

The key to success for recovery, whether pre-judgment or post-judgment, is having solid, reliable information on your subjects.

Serenity Legal Solutions, LLC  can help. We are a reputable asset locator/bank account search specialist conducting asset searches on a local and nationwide basis. Using our asset search services can find hidden assets, including the following, and more:

• Real and Personal Properties Owned

• Employment Search

• Vehicle Registrations

• Corporate and Business Affiliations

• Liens and Judgments

• Bankruptcy Filings

• UCC Filings


Price: starting @ $39.99

 (Copies that exceed $25 require 50% deposit)


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