Social Media Investigations


These days there’s a wealth of information just waiting on the internet to be gathered for your case.


The problem law firms can face is time – time to comb through the thousands of sites where potential information may exist.

This is where Serenity Legal Solutions, LLC can help.


Here’s just a few of the things we can do through our advanced training, specialized databases and custom algorithms:

  • Export all social media profiles
  • Locate social media accounts associated with subject’s current and prior e-mail addresses, phone numbers or usernames
  • Research of social media sites based on specific keyword search terms


In a world where a lot less is private than people think, there is plenty of information to be legally accessed and used to help your case.


How does this help law firms?

Jury Selection


Headed to trial? Before voir dire our firm can research your prospective jurors’ social media footprint to look for any biases or information that could impact their ability to be impartial.




A low-cost alternative to traditional surveillance, social media surveillance creates the opportunity to search hundreds of sites for potential information and evidence utilizing username history, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


Evidence Collection

Social media is digital goldmine of pictures , videos, GPS locations, check-ins , timetables and more. Serenity Legal Solutions, LLC can search through a subject’s social media for targeted keywords related to your case to help find the evidence you need rather than having to sift through up the thousands of pages of social media postings.


From 10 to 5,000 keywords, our algorithms make quick work of searching through profiles for the evidence you need to help you win your case.


Deposition Preparation

Want to find out information the opposing party doesn’t expect you to know and create the leading questions guaranteed to make your deposition successful? Social media research can provide you with a complete social media history and past comments and pictures of the opposing party, including experts and witnesses.

Business Debt Collection


Business Investigations

Looking to get into business with another company? Make sure you have all the facts on the company and their assets before moving forward.

Looking for additional corporate investigative services? Serenity Legal Solutions, LLC can work with you to develop a custom option for the services you need.


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