Mobile Fingerprinting

Serenity Legal Solutions’ staff of trained fingerprint professionals are available to provide ink fingerprinting services via mobile fingerprint technicians.

Traditional ink fingerprinting is one of the most commonly used Serenity Legal Solutions services. Ink fingerprints are generally required for requests to send fingerprints for Federal purposes, to other states, or other countries.


Serenity Legal Solutions understands the inconvenience of being fingerprinted at your local Police Department. Too often there are long lines, limited hours, residency restrictions, and fingerprint cards aren’t kept in stock. We offer on-site, mobile fingerprinting, convenient office hours, do not have residency restrictions, and stock FBI (FD-258), FINRA, and NFA cards in our office.

Ink fingerprinting services are available for everyone, including individuals and business. Some of the most common ink fingerprint reasons include

  • All out of state licenses including, but not limited to
    • Architect License
    • Nursing License
    • Medical Marijuana License
    • Massage Therapist License
    • Pharmacy License
    • Dental License
    • Broker License
    • Physican's License
    • Horse Racing License
  • Immigration
  • Foreign criminal history check
  • Out of country Adoptions
  • Bar Exam
  • Out-of-state Handgun Permit
  • IRS eFile
  • Post Office Employment
  • Medicare/Medicaid Provider
  • FBI Background Check
  • Federal Employment


LiveScan Fingerprinting services coming in the first quarter of 2018!



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