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Here's what people are saying about Serenity Legal Solutions, LLC.

"If I have anymore needs I wouldn't even consider anyone except Serenity Legal Solutions and Joshua Anderson. They are extremely fair, punctual , considerate, polite and friendly. You won't find a better company to deal with at any price"

-Patricia G.

Lawrence, IN

"Josh called me and was very helpful in helping me find what avenue to take. We even talked on the weekends."


-Sue P.

Wyoming, MI

"These guys are solid!  I had a super last minute rush job and they got it done with no hassle.  And, their rates are very reasonable.  They even follow up with a proof of service perfectly drafted.  Will use them again and highly recommend!"


-Aaron J.

San Francisco, CA

"Met with me to provide a notarized signature -Joshua helped me realize that I didn't need to file my business in the manner that I was about to file. He was objective in that he gave me practical and sound business and legal advice and let me make my own decision. I listened to him and filed my business another way and did not solicit his notary services. His helpful guidance was given with so much integrity and I plan to seek him out for future business endeavors"


-Danielle C.

Indianapolis, IN

"Service was outstanding; they had a real understanding of my goals and really went the distance to help me. Thank you!"


-Trezanay A.

Indianapolis, IN

"Josh was very thorough, very professional, and in constant contact. It was a pleasure working with him, and I may request his services in the future."



Woodridge, IL

"Serenity Legal Solutions completed our service within 3 days of receiving it, we are a National Process Serving firm the [sic] sends many files out for service in other states.  We definitely will be using Serenity Legal Solutions again."


-James R.

Denver, CO

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