Frequently Asked Questions

When will you get started serving my papers?  

We will begin attempts on your documents within 2 business days of receipt when received before 3pm for routine service. For example, if we receive  your documents on a Tuesday before 3pm, we will have made at least one attempt to serve  them by the end of Thursday. We also offer same day service for an additional  cost. 

How many times will you attempt to process serve my papers?

This will depend on the address where we are serving at, but generally we will attempt 3 times at an address.  Please contact us by email or phone if you have further questions regarding the number of attempts. 

Will you wait at an address for a defendant to show up and serve them at that time?

Yes, we can perform a surveillance if needed to serve someone.  Please contact our office by phone or email to obtain pricing.  There is an hourly fee involved when we do a surveillance to serve process.

I don't know where the defendant lives at, can you assist me?

Yes, we are licensed private investigators so we have access to numerous non-public databases to locate defendants.

Do you  charge in advance?

Payment is expected in advance for serving  documents.  For your convenience we accept cash, checks, credit cards (Master  Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover),  cashiers checks, and money orders. 

Can you guarantee that you will serve my papers?

Although  we cannot guarantee service, we will guarantee that we will do our best to get  the documents served for you.  If we are unable to  serve the papers due to a bad address or someone not opening the door for us, we will contact you and give  you some options on how to proceed.

How do I know when the papers  ave been served?

We can contact you by phone and let you know when the  papers have been served. Generally, you will receive an email update. We will also email a copy of the affidavit of service to you for approval before mailing the original. After 3 days of no response, we will mail the original to you. If a correction needs to be made there is an additional fee. Please contact our office if you have any questions.



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